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PROJECT SCOPE — Branding and identity, illustration, signage, and marketing collateral items.
PROJECT DELIVERABLES — Logo, business card, poster, flyer, website, shop sign, outdoor sign, and a-frame sign.


The brief is to create a visual identity that is vibrant, dynamic and stylish for a unisex hairdressing salon for both children and adults, which is located inside a sports centre.

‘The Barberelles’ is a compound word – ‘barber’, from the business of hairdressing and barbering, and ‘elles’ as the business owner/hairstylists are two women.


The creative direction is influenced by the ’60s and ’70s, especially Pop Art and Funk & Soul movements.

The’ 60s and ’70s mark the era of social and cultural revolution and experimentation, which is appropriate for The Barberelles as they need to make a bold statement that they are a new business.

The marrying of pop art and vintage style images and funk & soul-inspired logotype is a modern take of the respective nostalgic eras, and allows The Barberelles to create a new image that separates them from the previous salon there.




The wall where the waiting area is allocated has a door which needs to be accessible every now and then.

So, to cover the door and some unsightly markings and irregularities of the wall, we hang an retractable indoor banner featuring the graphic elements of The Barberelles visual identity.

It is there to also make a statement and create contrast to the monochromatic colour scheme of the whole salon.


The outdoor sign needs to have an immediate impact as the display area is on a very busy highway.

Note: The Barberelles website is no longer active. Here is a snap shot of how it looked.